We design unique security solutions that meets our customers’ specific needs. We provide industry-best advanced technology systems that modernize and expand your company’s security.

Access Control

Custom Design

We have the expertise and experience to design an access control system custom-made to your needs, while working with you, and the best brands in the industry.

Variety of Applications

We design, install, and maintain access control systems solutions that are tailored to your specifications from highly restricted areas, to office facilities.

Easily Integrated

All of our access control solutions are easily integrated with other building systems to ensure that any alarm, intrusion detection, or other issues are automatically recorded.

Small System Solutions

Fully Integrated Electronic Security Systems

Specialized Access Control Solutions

More specialized access control solutions such as biometrics monitoring systems, multiple layers of control for the highest level of security, and integration with an array of databases within your organization for improved security operations management.

Video Surveillance

Industry Expertise

We are a leading system integrator and have been working with video surveillance system for over thirty years, giving us a strong foundation of expertise within the industry.

Fully Integrated

We provide fully integrated security systems that can help resolve and respond to all breaches and complications that arise.

Keep Up with Emerging Technologies

We will work with you to plan, design, and install a video surveillance system that meets your specific needs, as well as maintain and update your system as new technologies emerge.

Integrated Security


We take some or all of your physical infrastructure, network equipment, access control, video solutions, alarm & fire systems, intercom systems, visitor management systems, and database systems across the state or even across the country and make it all work together.

Leading Technology & Talent

We pride ourselves on working with the industry's finest, and most up-to-date products with each installation, and each project is performed by our team of experienced, highly-skilled, and certified technicians.

Design, Installation and Maintenance

Security management systems, including their components such as access control, intercom systems, intrusion detection, turnstiles, fire alarms, and more.

System Support

Whether your security system is IP-based video, access control, or a fully integrated management system, we understand that security is a serious investment that must be maintained to ensure proper usage and function. Our professional staff provides our customers with customized maintenance and service options both on and off site.

24 Hour Technical Support

Routine and Regular Maintenance

System Upgrades as New Technologies Emerge