About Us

About Us

Our Mission

We are committed to a policy of teamwork, reciprocal understanding and growth in the long-term business relationships with our customers and employees.

Our Story

In 1988 Neal graduated from a small trade school in Connecticut, specializing in electronics. He graduated on a Friday in June and started full-time work the very next Monday for an electronic security company. Since then, he has always had a passion for technology and a knack for problem solving.

A few years later, Neal started running a side business out of his pickup truck on weekends. Originally, he just installed residential systems and worked for small businesses, which allowed him to begin building his connections. Customers were impressed by his focus on quality workmanship at a reasonable cost, and they were even more impressed by his ability to customize to their needs. He branded as Kerr Security Surveillance Technologies, but quickly realized this was a mouthful. Security Technologies Inc. was created on November 15th, 1995 and rapidly picked up interest from larger customers.

In the beginning, STI had no employees, Neal worked out of his house and his truck until the business was ready to expand. His first big success was a large chain grocery store with locations throughout New England, and from there STI has continued to grow every year.  While STI has changed a lot over the years our core principles have stayed the same:

          Focusing on what is best for the customer.

          Quality workmanship.

          Reasonable cost.

These three ideals are the foundation of Security Technologies Inc. and are a part of what keeps customers coming back year after year.

Neal Kerr, President Security Technologies Inc.

Neal Kerr

Chief Executive Officer

Our Team

Mark Wollen | VP at Security Technologies Inc.

Mark Wollen

Vice President of Sales
In 1992 Mark graduated New York Maritime College and went on to start his own computer company. About ten years later he sold this business and began his work in security by programming control panels. He is a man of many hats who focuses primarily on sales with lots of in-field experience. In his six years with STI he has helped us grow exponentially.

Taylor Lynn

Director Of Business Operations
In 2019 Taylor Graduated from Nichols College, where she studied Business Operations and quickly found a love for developing and implementing operational strategies. Taylor has worked in the security industry for 5 years and has learned that electronic security is more than just access control and video surveillance. These systems can be used to make data driven business decisions and improve operational efficiencies.
Justin Trella | Senior Project Manager | Security Technologies Inc.

Justin Trella

Senior Project Manager
Justin graduated from tech school with his electrical license and is proud to be mostly self-taught. He has been in the industry since he was a teenager with seventeen years of in-field experience and eight years at STI. He says that “once you are in the industry, its tough to get out. It becomes what you love and even how you think”. He likes working at STI because of the fast pace that keeps him on his toes.